Could Former WWE Tag Champ be ‘The Comeback Kidd’?

Tyson Kidd

Tyson Kidd had his last wrestling match in way back in June 2015 against Samoa Joe at a WWE Raw TV taping. The match ended with Kidd suffering a career-ending neck injury at the hands of Joe’s ‘Muscle Buster’ finisher.

Since then, Kidd has worked as a backstage producer for WWE. He has gained overwhelming praise in this role and is considered one of the best in the industry in the position.

Since that time he’s stayed positive and upbeat in his social media posts and has had wonderful backing and support from his wife, WWE Superstar Natalya, who very recently had posted a picture on Instagram of herself and Kidd sat on the edge of a WWE training ring.

And then this video was also shared…

In the video Kidd is looking in great shape and moves incredibly well around the ring which has of course fuelled rumours that he might be getting himself in shape for a comeback.

No doubt taking inspiration from others before him that have come back from what were thought to be career-ending injuries such as Daniel Bryan, Shawn Michaels and most recently Edge, it would be fantastic to see Tyson Kidd back in a WWE ring once more.

He’s previously said that he’s ‘at peace’ with his retirement but then has also mentioned that he once tried to get medically cleared for a Royal Rumble spot. Maybe that will happen in 2021?