Cody Not Planning To Use Rhodes Name In AEW

'The American Nightmare' Cody

Ahead of Full Gear, Cody spoke in a press conference today about having the trademark to the Rhodes name back.

Despite WWE relinquishing the trademark, it seems Cody will not be adding his surname in AEW.

Instead, he will be keeping it for third-party ventures and continuing to go by his ‘American Nightmare’ moniker when wrestling.

I’m very happy about being Cody Rhodes again. The details aren’t important other than it was a very positive, no hard feelings on either side type scenario. It’s probably not something I will use in the wrestling space. I’ve gotten used to using the name ‘American Nightmare’ Cody. I’m more excited in using it for third-party ventures.

It’s also nice to know there are no hard feelings between Cody and WWE over the trademark – although no doubt Cody would say that as the person who has the name he wants.