Cody Rhodes Names Best Wrestler In AEW, Discusses PPV Matches With Little Build

Cody Rhodes

Ahead of Full Gear, Cody spoke of one match which has had little build on TV but praised both competitors highly, including saying one of them is the best wrestler in the company.

Talking about Hikaru Shida’s title defence against Nyla Rose, Cody said that there is nobody better than the defending champion in the whole company.

In our case we are sports-centric, I meant it when I said it. I hope folks aren’t disappointed when they get this wonderful match between these two incredible female performers. Shida – there is no-one better, no-one. And I’m talking our women’s division and our men’s division.

‘The American Nightmare’ and AEW Executive Vice President also took the opportunity to talk about matches with less build in general.

He made it clear that he feels crowds have been conditioned to expect wrestling rather than just being given the opportunity to appreciate great matches.

I personally am not disappointed because my outlook on wrestling is that we have a wrestling ring and we have wrestlers, and we have rankings and there will be matches. I do understand that for the last 20 years fans have been conditioned to think that every match is going to start with an invisible camera and piece of cake in catering, and someone takes that last piece of cake and now there’s drama and now there’s quote a storyline. But I am aware that for 20 years they [the fans] have been conditioned that every match needs a war and peace story connected to it. That won’t be the story with AEW, we have wrestling matches because we’re a wrestling show, it’s in the title. I hope if there was any disappointment in the build, there won’t be any disappointment in the execution.

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