Cody And Brandi Rhodes To Star In New Reality TV Show

Brandi & Cody Rhodes

It’s a regular occurrence that we can expect a “big announcement” from a member of the Rhodes family on AEW Dynamite.

In recent times it has just been regarding their personal life – and whilst last night’s announcement was, it was at least a little different.

Cody and Brandi Rhodes confirmed last night that they would be starring in a new unscripted reality TV series, Rhodes To The Top.

Seemingly in a similar vein to Total Bellas and Miz & Mrs, the show will seemingly go behind the lives of the Rhodes family, both in terms of their work with AEW and their family life.

The preview for the show from TNT says that:

Rhodes To The Top will take viewers behind-the-scenes as the powerhouse couple manage their ever-busier lives inside and outside the ring, all the while surrounded by a colourful and often hilarious motley crew of wrestlers, family and friends who both support and test them at every turn.

Our judgement for now? We’ll wait and see.