CM Punk Uses MMA Commentary To Make Wrestling References

CM Punk
Credit: WWE

CM Punk has once against strongly hinted at a return to wrestling in the near future during MMA commentary last night.

‘The Voice Of The Voiceless’ was a co-commentator for Cage Fury Fighting Championships 99, but it was the wrestling side of things which kept cropping up.

Despite being heavily rumoured to appear at AEW’s second edition of Rampage, taking place in his hometown of Chicago on August 20, Punk has remained coy on the subject, even mentioning recently that he may have something else in his diary that night.

It was during one of the early bouts on the MMA show where Punk’s colleagues kept bringing up Punk and going back to wrestling. Punk retorted by saying that one of the competitors was “looking All Elite right now”.

If these hints all add up in the way many are expecting, then Punk’s AEW debut will mark his first major wrestling appearance since the 2014 Royal Rumble. Since then he had a brief stint as part of the team on FOX’s WWE Backstage show, although on that occasion he was employed by the television network rather than the wrestling company.

These next few weeks could certainly prove a critical time for AEW, especially if Punk is joined in the company by Daniel Bryan as many are also expecting, and that’s without considering the rest of the recently released talent.