CM Punk Uses Famous Quote To Question Ric Flair Calling HBK Greatest Ever

CM Punk In Nexus

A controversial tweet from CM Punk? I know, we’re as shocked as you are!

In fact, it’s taken one GIF from Punk to call in to question two legends of the game.

In a recent interview, Ric Flair stated that he believes Shawn Michaels is the greatest of all time.

The praise from The Nature Boy says that “it’s not arguable any more. Shawn is the greatest worker in the history of our business”.

Punk’s tweet in response is simple the phrase “yeah, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man”.

The GIF is famous from The Big Lebowski, being a famous line from The Dude.

So it seems like Punk wants to be The Dude, The Best In The World, and take the crown of The Greatest Of All Time from The Heartbreak Kid.