CM Punk Remains Coy On AEW Rampage Rumours, Says He May Be Busy That Night

CM Punk
Credit: WWE

The wrestling world has been buzzing about the potential debut of CM Punk in AEW.

With AEW Rampage set to debut this Friday in Punk’s hometown of Chicago, many speculated that this would be the ideal place for the former WWE Champion to make an appearance.

Fightful Select was the first to report that AEW was in talks with Punk over a return to wrestling, over seven years since he last competed in the ring.

Although there has been no official confirmation that Punk has signed a contract with AEW (or anyone else for that matter), Fightful say that he has definitely been in negotiations, and there was more than one offer on the table.

Whilst the speculation has very much been that Punk will debut at The United Centre in Chicago on Friday, he has remained coy about the possibility.

Appearing on Sunday Night’s Main Event, Punk went as far as to say he may already be busy that night.

When was that? Let me look at my calendar. When did you say it was, the 20th? I think I actually might be doing a screening – this isn’t confirmed yet so I probably shouldn’t blast this out everywhere but we’re talking about doing a screening of episode three of Heels at an AMC in Chicago and that’s one of the dates that’s been proposed so hope to see everybody there.

The possibility of Punk’s appearance on the inaugural AEW Rampage – nicknamed The First Dance – certainly caused a buzz, with tickets for the event selling out in minutes at the prospect of his appearance.