Christian Returns To Action on WWE Raw! Big Twist In Main Event

Christian & Randy Orton
Photo Credit: WWE

Christian is back!

As rumoured yesterday, Christian appeared on Raw on Monday night to technically take part in his first match since 2014.

After being challenged to an unsanctioned match at the start of the show, Christian accepted the match to take place in the main event.

Before the bout could begin, WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair came out to the ring to seemingly attempt to stop Christian risking his health in the match with Orton.

In true ‘Dirtiest Player In The Game’ style, Flair levelled Captain Charisma with a classic low blow which left him easy prey for Orton to hit a vicious punt kick and get the win.

The match lasted less than 1 minute but the biggest takeaway is Christian taking bumps which seems to suggest he is cleared for a proper match further down the line. Could that match be an Extreme Rules?

Photo Credit: WWE

Speculation will of course mount about Ric Flair’s involvement. What is the reason for him turning on Christian? Could we have been looking at an Edge & Christian vs. Randy Orton & Ric Flair match, if not for Edge’s triceps injury?

As with most things in wrestling, all will become clear in the coming weeks.