Chris Jericho Says TNT Were “Mad” About AEW Dynamite Incident

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho has revealed an AEW television incident that resulted in TNT threatening to cancel the show.

Since AEW’s establishment in 2019, Jericho has been a part of several of the company’s high-profile moments and was the inaugural AEW World Champion.

Speaking to Stephanie Chase, Jericho discussed why he believes the partnership between AEW and their US broadcast partner TNT has been successful so far.

“I think TNT is rolling with it because the ratings have been so great and the demos have been so high. Obviously, there’s certain things we’ve been reprimanded for, there’s a few I can tell you. But I think we’re not stupid. If something goes on that the parent company doesn’t like, then we don’t do it anymore.”

“I think that’s one of the reasons AEW is as successful as we are because we’re not afraid to take a few chances. We’re not worried about taking some chances and not worried about getting slapped on the wrist if we do something we shouldn’t do, we just won’t do it again. But it hasn’t been that many times.”

Jericho went on to describe one of the times when the network stepped in, claiming that they threatened to take Dynamite off the air if Jericho repeated his gaffe.

“For me, there’s two times that I can recall where they said ‘Don’t ever do that again’ and I was like ‘Okay, won’t happen again.’ One of them actually was when we beat up Dustin Rhodes when I was feuding with Cody way back in the beginning. We beat him up in the parking lot and then as we left, I lit up a cigar. And [TNT] did not like that. No smoking allowed on the show.”

“They were super, super angry about it. No smoking allowed. I was like, ‘Really?’ Of all the things to be mad about. But they were adamant that they did not want any smoking on the show. And [they said] ‘If you do this again…’ I don’t know if this was actually ever used, but the way this was told to me was [TNT said] ‘We’ll pull the show if you guys do this again.’ I was like ‘Alright, I don’t need to be smoking’. I just did it because I thought it was an a**hole thing to do. Apparently, so did they.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the above transcription