Chris Jericho On How NXT Got “Steamrolled”, Vince McMahon’s Grudge

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho feels that Vince McMahon holds a grudge against NXT after the brand was beaten by AEW in what was seen as the ‘Wednesday Night Wars’.

When AEW Dynamite was set to debut on TNT in 2019, WWE announced that NXT would now be airing on the USA Network rather than on the WWE Network, airing on the same night. The so-called battle was often referred to in a similar vein to the Monday Night Wars, when WWE Raw and WCW Nitro would go head to head in the 1990’s.

Speaking on his Talk Is Jericho podcast, ‘The Demo God’ commented on WWE’s decision to go up against AEW on Wednesday nights, as it seemed they felt they could “wipe out” the competition.

What I think it is, and once again, I can say this just from observing, is that NXT was put on Wednesday nights, obviously that’s to combat AEW, and we’ll wipe out this ‘pissant’ little company right away. Problem is they had no idea what they were dealing with. It really backfired on them.

NXT would eventually move to Tuesday nights on 13th April 2021, after many weeks of being heavily defeated by AEW Dynamite in the ratings. Jericho feels like NXT lost some of its “cool factor” when the two brands were going against each other.

NXT was so cool. You guys would go do your weekend shows and get three times the reaction in a sold out arena than the pay-per-view would get. So then when they put NXT up against AEW, it really hurt the brand to where you lost the cool factor, and AEW was the cool one.

Jericho went on to claim that he feels Vince McMahon has a grudge against NXT because it got “steamrolled”.

NXT just got steamrolled, and I think, as a result, Vince kind of holds a grudge against NXT. You had the chance to beat AEW, and you didn’t. Now I’m going to take over, and I’m going to do it my way.

NXT has recently gone through a rebrand under the supervision of McMahon, with a new logo, set, and even several new superstars.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.