Chris Jericho Names Matches He’d Love To Have With AEW & NJPW Tie Up

Chris Jericho
Photo Credit: AEW

There are plenty of forbidden doors being kicked open at the moment, and one of the most prominent in that has been Chris Jericho.

The Demo-God appearing in a Stone Cold Session on the WWE Network shocked many.

However, the working relationship between AEW and New Japan opens even more doors.

With Yuji Nagata heading to AEW this week to face Jon Moxley, it is clear that many of the Japanese promotion’s top stars could easily appear Stateside or vice versa.

Speaking with Comic Book, Jericho has named a number of the wrestlers he’d like to face if the opportunity arose.

There’s a couple of matches there that I would love have. [Minoru] Suzuki and Jericho. I think [Will] Ospreay and Jericho. I think Kenny and myself as a tag team against Tana and [Kazuchika] Okada or against [Kota] Ibushi and Okada. That’s a Tokyo Dome main event. So all of those matches are in the pipeline. I love Japan. I’ve been there 60 times since 1991. And when I was there, gosh, a thousand years ago, January 4th, 2020, I guess Tanahashi, I had one of my favorite matches I’ve ever had.

Jericho has clearly thought about this a lot, as he’s already mapped out how an invasion angle would work.

He could see the initial invasion happening in Japan, and then moving its way back to the United States.

So I think when that opens up, that’s the type of invasion angle I think would make some big money. Because New Japan is one of the biggest companies in the world with some legit, legendary mainstream stars. And I just love the concept of AEW invading them in Osaka, Dominion in June, and then doing a Tokyo Dome invasion show, and then coming back to do a Madison Square Garden invasion show in our backyard, or Staples Center, something along those lines. So that’s an invasion that I really could get off on and get behind for sure.

It may be a bit soon to see something like that starting next month given the current circumstances, but if the right people are pushing for it then an invasion could certainly happen one way or the other in the near future.