Chris Jericho Discusses How WrestleMania Title Match Made No Sense

Chris Jericho makes his entrance in AEW.
Photo Credit: AEW

Chris Jericho has given a strong opinion of his double-title, triple-threat match at WrestleMania 2000, saying that the contest “made no f*cking sense”.

The match in question pitted Jericho against Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle, the latter of which held both the Intercontinental and European Championships at the time. Both belts were up for grabs, leaving Angle to not be beaten but lose both belts.

With the other two men beating each other, Chris Jericho left as European Champion and Benoit as Intercontinental Champion.

Now Chris Jericho has talked on The Kurt Angle Show about how he felt the match could have been booked very differently, although admits that his requests for the change could have come across as political.

It was a three-way match and whoever won the first fall won the first belt, whoever won the second fall won the second belt. Kurt was in the unenviable position of losing both his titles without being pinned. I pinned Chris for one, he pinned me for the other. He won the Intercontinental and I won the European. Chris won first and I won second. It didn’t make sense.

Why would you have the Intercontinental Championship decided first, which was a famous legendary belt, and the European title second, which is not as high up. I remember going to Pat (Patterson) and saying, ‘We should change the order of who wins first or who wins the titles. If you want me to win last, put the Intercontinental Title on me and the European on Chris. If you want it to stay the same, have me win the European first.’

I wasn’t trying to politic for the Intercontinental Championship, although it would come across that way. I was like, ‘I can’t talk to Vince about this because he’s going to think I’m trying to politic for the Intercontinental Championship.’ I went to talk to Pat because he’s smart about what’s going on. ‘Ah, it doesn’t matter. It’s what Vince wants to do, it’s not worth fighting for.’ None of us had any power at the time anyway, so I just did it. I remember thinking, ‘it makes no f*cking sense!

Chris Jericho added that the chemistry between the three men was usually excellent when they were in singles matches, but that night things seemed a little off.

Considering it was the three of us and all the great matches the three of us had together, I remember thinking that one didn’t go the way I wanted it to. Maybe it was just me, I don’t even think I watched it back, maybe the crowd wasn’t too hot, but something about it, I just didn’t feel worked.

Now that Chris Jericho calls All Elite Wrestling home, he has given more opinions on his time in WWE including discussing how he took control of the 2016 Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

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