Chelsea Green Makes Long Awaited Debut – Seemingly Suffers Significant Injury

Chelsea Green
Credit: WWE

On last night’s SmackDown, a triple threat match was announced to determine the next qualifier for SmackDown’s Survivor Series women’s team.

The match was set to be Natalya vs. Tamina vs. Liv Morgan until defacto SmackDown GM Adam Pearce announced that the match would now be a Fatal Four Way and the three women would be joined by NXT’s Chelsea Green.

It had been rumoured as far back as May that Green was in line for a call up and it finally happened here but it seemed to go somewhat array.

Under the normal conventions of WWE booking, it would be expected that Green would win the match and secure the spot on the Survivor Series team. Not so.

Liv Morgan was the eventual winner. In fact, Green was not involved in the finish at all. The show went to commercial break midway through the bout and when it returned, Green and Tamina seemingly disappeared leaving Natalya and Morgan to finish the bout.

This strange sequence has led to speculation from a number of sources that Green suffered an injury in the bout that led to the finish being changed on the hoof.

It was subsequently revealed by Green herself on Instagram that she had suffered a broken arm. She described the situation as ‘Another twist in my WWE story.’

Obviously this injury will result in a period on the sidelines for Green. We wish her all the best in making a swift recovery.