Cheeky Tribute Paid To The Undertaker…By Nandos

The Undertaker Nando's

Next weekend sees the ‘Final Farewell’ of WWE legend The Undertaker at the Survivor Series.

Tributes have poured in both from the wrestling world and from surprising sources.

None more so than the latest tribute to The Deadman…from Nandos!

Undertaker famously stopped by the Lothian Road, Edinburgh branch of the restaurant last year during the Phenom’s tour of the UK with Inside The Ropes.

They wrote on their Facebook page…

On Friday 13 aka the scariest day of the year, a throwback to when the Undertaker dropped by Nando’s Lothian Road last year…’

The chicken brand have become famous for their celebrity endorsements over the years. They famously offered their ‘black card’ to influencers that entitled the holder to free Nandos wherever they went. The items became one of the most sought after celebrity accessories in the UK. Maybe it’s time for Taker to claim his?

He seems keen for another visit, responding to the post by saying:

Thank you. I’ll be back when I can. Have 15 wings waiting for me… and make them hotter than hell.

It is surreal to see mainstream brands such as Nandos getting involved with the celebration of Undertaker’s career. It feels like more and more ‘mainstream’ sources are getting on board with Taker’s brand as he becomes more open to interacting with the outside world.

Just a few months ago, Premier League side Leicester City reference the legend while announcing their new signing, Cenzig Under.

The Undertaker’s Final Farewell will take place at Survivor Series on Sunday 22nd November, available to watch on the WWE Network.