Charlotte Flair – “If I Was A Man I’d Have Big Balls, I Know How Good I Am”

Charlotte Flair poses with championship belts

Charlotte Flair has answered criticism from fans who claim that she is always in championship contention, saying she only gets negative comments because she is a woman.

Charlotte Flair is never far from the news, whether it’s her record-breaking achievements in the squared circle or her recent issues with Becky Lynch backstage she is often the subject of conversation.

Following the now-infamous title swap incident between Flair and Lynch after the WWE Draft, there were reports that the two women were involved in a war of words backstage. Since then, it has also been revealed that ‘The Queen’ was escorted from the building by security.

In the days since, Becky Lynch has opened about her relationship with Flair, saying that, although they were once the best of friends, they no longer speak.

Despite their differences, WWE has announced that the two will clash at Survivor Series on November 21st in a Champion vs. Champion match.

In an interview with BT Sport ahead of the clash, Charlotte Flair said that the bout is going to be “special”.

“I think it’s going to be something special. You have two women who are at the top of their game, at the top of the business, who believe they are the best. When you see both of them believe it in themselves and to watch it on camera, it’s going to be something special. What I’m excited about is when we faced each other in Last Woman Standing, which is one of my favourite matches, I am a much better performer now than I was then and I know who Charlotte Flair is now. She’ll be facing a much different woman than she did two years ago. I’m on a whole new level.”

She then turned to the criticism she’s received over the year’s about her presence in the main event scene, with some fans claiming she’s almost always in the Women’s Championship scene whether as the champion or challenger.

Responding to the comments, Flair said that she doesn’t think she would get the same amount of vitriol if she was a man.

“If I was a man would it rub people the wrong way? No one looks at a man and goes, ‘why does he want to be the world champion again when he’s been on top all these years?’ Is it because I’m a woman and have done it all and we have a smaller division?”

She then added that if she was a man she would “have big balls” because of how good she is.

Charlotte is difficult? Because I stand up for what I believe in? That makes me difficult? If I was a man, I’d have big balls. I know how good I am. Man or woman, I am the best.”

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