Chaos In WWE Raw Women’s Division As Title Match Morphs Into Tag Contest

Asuka & Lana

After being the sole survivor on the WWE Raw Women’s Survivor Series team, Lana was understandably in good spirits on Raw.

However, whilst being interviewed backstage about whether she thinks she’ll challenge Asuka for the RAW Women’s Championship, Lana was overheard by ‘The Empress of Tomorrow’.

Despite Lana telling Asuka she doesn’t want to challenge for the belt. the Raw Women’s Champion took this to mean she DOES want to, and said she’d see her in the ring.

Before the match got underway the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler made their way to ringside to join commentary.

Eventually Asuka went outside the ring, and Jax and Baszler started to trash talk the Women’s Champion until she emptied a bottle of water over them both.

This had the expected response, with the Tag Team Champions attacking Asuka ending the match in a disqualification.

Jax got Asuka on her shoulders ready to put her through the announcer’s table until Lana made the save and, after some back and forth, the match became a tag team bout.

The majority of the match was dominant by Jax and Baszler, who isolated Lana in the ring.

Eventually the tag was made to Asuka who cane in fired up. Jax had other ideas, and pulled Lana off the apron and took her to the announcer’s table where she started to clear the desk and scoops her up for the tenth week in a row.

However! Lana escaped from the upcoming Samoan Drop and Jax ended up launching herself over the desk.

Baszler grabbed Lana from the ring and locked in the Kirifuda Clutch through the ropes, but Lana wasn’t the legal woman and Asuka rolls Baszler up for the pin to get the (non-title) win.

Her popularity amongst those clearly continues as Lana picked up ANOTHER win and finally avoided that announcer’s desk. About time!