Cesaro Discusses “Sleepless Nights” Waiting For Top WWE Title Opportunity

Photo Credit: WWE

Many say that Cesaro getting a World Championship opportunity in WWE is long overdue.

He finally gets his first chance when he faces Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship this Sunday at WrestleMania Backlash, and even the man himself admits waiting for the opportunity has given him many sleepless nights.

Speaking with DAZN, ‘The Swiss Cyborg’ talked about how at the time it was difficult, but it has meant he has had time to take people along the journey with him.

I spent many sleepless nights asking myself that question, to be honest. And, you know, I didn’t really find the answer. It’s just for certain people, it takes longer. I remember, when I first got to WWE after a year or two, somebody told me was like, ‘You’ll get there, it will just take a while. That’s just your path’. You don’t want to hear that when you just started. You don’t want to hear it will take a while, and you just see other people just jumping the line or getting the opportunity, and you’re just there working day in and day out. You don’t really want to hear that.

But then if you look back at it, you think like, ‘Well, the journey was worth it because you took all those people that watched you over the past nine years, or like you even longer you took them on the journey with you’. Looking back, I can say that I took the hard road. I did, and it means so much more.

Cesaro even admits that the idea of quitting crossed his mind when the opportunities weren’t coming.

He quotes the support of John Cena as one of the main reasons he didn’t.

I’ll be lying if I say they didn’t. But I’m a very stubborn individual, and I have my goals. There’s a former WWE superstar who famously kept saying never give up. I would call him a friend. I’m very lucky to be able to call him a friend.

Many expect Reigns to retain his title belt on Sunday, however it surely can’t be too long before ‘The Swiss Cyborg’ has one of the main pieces of WWE gold around his waist.