Bubba Ray Dudley On The Tag Team He Feels Was “The Be All And End All”

Bubba Ray Dudley

Speaking in a new interview, tag team legend Bubba Ray Dudley has named the team that he feels was the “be all and end all” of tag team wrestling.

During an appearance on Stories With Brisco And Bradshaw, the WWE Hall of Famer was asked to name his top four teams of all-time excluding the Dudley Boyz and the APA. The man also known as Bully Ray, explained that he had three teams which stood out, before singling out The Road Warriors for particular praise.

“I can’t give you the four, I have three. The Road Warriors, The Rock n Roll [Express], and The Midnight [Express] If you wanna start talking about Steiner’s, Harlem Heat, The Brisco’s, The Funk’s, all of these other great teams that’s fine. But to me, The Road Warriors were the be all and end all because of their ability to do something as a tag team that I don’t believe that any other one tag team could do, and that’s put asses in seats.”

“The Road Warriors could sell out an arena with just their name on the marquee. The Rock n Roll couldn’t do that without The Midnight. Any great tag team couldn’t do it without the other tag team’s name on that marquee with them. But if you just put ‘Appearing Tonight The Road Warriors,’ people put their hand in their pocket and took out their money to pay to see The Road Warriors. No other tag team had that ability in my opinion.”

While also praising The Rock n Roll Express, Bubba Ray Dudley reflected on his own career. The former Tag Team Champion explained that teams such as The Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian were all lucky to have each other during the Attitude Era and this meant they could all be successful.

“So, this business is about generating a buck, it’s about business, and much like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair and all of the greats who were able to put an ass every 18 inches, The Road Warriors were able to do that. The working tag teams, is there really a better uber-babyface tag team than The Rock n Roll Express? In my opinion no. The Midnight Express, and any incarnation of them… I’m just happy if people mention our name in that discussion. Me and D-Von were very successful at what we did. Does that make us the best? Well, that’s subjective. We were all lucky to have each other, We were lucky to have you, [The APA] you were lucky to have us, Matt and Jeff, Edge and Christian, Too Cool, D-X, man, without all of us together, none of us are successful.”

H/t to Inside The Ropes for the transcription.