Bryan Danielson Explains How He Made Vince McMahon “So Mad” During WWE PPV

Bryan Danielson

Vince McMahon got “so mad” at Bryan Danielson at a WWE pay-per-view, according to a recent interview.

The former Daniel Bryan had a long tenure with the company, although it was certainly tinged with good and bad moments. For many the worst came in 2016, when Danielson was forced to step away from the ring due to injury concerns. Even after getting himself back to health, there were many who kept an eye on his medical issues and capabilities in the ring – seemingly none moreso than Vince McMahon.

In a discussion with Jimmy Traina on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, Danielson would explain how one move which didn’t go quite right in a match against Drew Gulak at Elimination Chamber led to the WWE Chairman showing extra care for one of his stars.

Vince is very protective of me in almost like a fatherly type way. I was wrestling Drew Gulak at Elimination Chamber right before the pandemic. I took a German suplex that went a little bit wrong and I landed on my head. When I got to the back, Vince was so mad at me and he was like, it wasn’t anything about the performance. After he got mad at me, I said, ‘Was the match okay?’ ‘Yeah, the match was great, but you can’t do that.’ He doesn’t want me to get hurt. You don’t want your boss to get mad at you. I saw it as coming from a very loving perspective.

Danielson recently made his in-ring debut with AEW, battling Kenny Omega on Dynamite: Grand Slam. It seems like it would be a case of making the most of ‘The American Dragon’ whilst he is in All Elite Wrestling, as he has confirmed his plans to step away as a full-time wrestler in three years’ time.

With thanks to Fightful for the transcription.