Brutal Ending To Blood And Guts On AEW Dynamite

AEW Blood & Guts Logo

The first-ever Blood And Guts Match (albeit as a homage to War Games) took place last night on AEW Dynamite.

The match pitted Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle against splinter group The Pinnacle, led by MJF.

As you’d expect it was a very physical match, with many men left bleeding.

One of these was Pinnacle’s Cash Wheeler, who posted a picture of his blood-soaked gear after the show.

For those who haven’t watched the match yet, which will air in the UK on Friday evening, there are many highlights to keep an eye out for.

As you’d expect a lot of these came from Sammy Guevara, including a coast-to-coast and what can only be described as a chairshot in to a springboard Spanish fly.

The match culminated with Chris Jericho and MJF on top of the structure.

MJF got the upper hand after nailing ‘The Demo God’ with the Dynamite Diamond Ring.

This left MJF threatening to throw Jericho off the top of the structure, to which the other members of The Inner Circle to surrender on his behalf and to save the former World Champion.

With the win under his belt, MJF did exactly as you’d expect and pushed Jericho anyway to close the show.

It was certainly a spectacle to put a match like this on free TV rather than saving it for a pay-per-view, and we can expect more interactions between the two groups in the near future and likely in the lead-up to Double Or Nothing at the end of the month.