Bruce Prichard Recalls Vince McMahon’s Bewildered Reaction To Celebrity’s Wrestling Gear

Bruce Prichard

Bruce Prichard has described Vince McMahon stunned reaction to a celebrity’s G-string wrestling attire.

The Samoan Bulldozer Umaga welcomed the Jackass pair of Chris Pontius and Steve-O to Monday Night Raw in 2006. In a notorious incident when Steve-O enraged the late star by continuing to get up after many beatings, the former Intercontinental Champion laid down both men.

Speaking on his Something To Wrestle podcast [] Bruce Prichard revealed that Pontius’ G-string wrestling attire left WWE Chairman Vince McMahon stunned.

“[Chris] Pontius was hilarious and we tell the story about Vince [McMahon] didn’t realize that Pontius’ gimmick was running around in a G-string and was looking like, ‘What the hell is wearing? What the hell!?’”

“So that was kind of funny but wasn’t funny for those who were directly involved in the production of that because yeah, it kind of looked like he was a little naked out there. Technically was but he was game man, he was funny as sh*t, they both were. They were awesome.”

Umaga signed with WWE in 2001, debuting on the main roster a year later as one half of 3 Minute Warning. Performing under the name Jamal, alongside his cousin the team spent the best part of a year attacking anyone who got in their way. The star wound up being released in June 2003, before returning to the company as Umaga, debuting in 2006.

During the next three years, Umaga appeared in the ‘Battle of the Billionaires’ at WrestleMania 23, while also capturing the Intercontinental Championship twice.

Umaga sadly passed away on December 4th 2009.

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