Booker T Reveals Best Run Of Two-Decade Career

Booker T

WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T has spoken of what he feels were some of the highest points of his wrestling career, as well as who was a big fan behind the scenes of his wife Sharmell.

In a career spanning over two decades, Booker T travelled the world and worked for many major promotions, including wrestling for WCW and WWE at what many would be considered as being peak periods for the respective companies. This has given him plenty of high-profile runs to look back on.

During a recent episode of his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T discussed some of these points, as well as how Sharmell will be joining him in the Hall Of Fame as part of the upcoming class.

Having first met each other whilst both being part of WCW in the early 90’s, Sharmell would move on to train to be an in-ring performer with WWE. However, when Booker T moved to the company she eventually appeared on screen as his valet after her in-ring career was cut short due to a knee injury.

One of the most notable points of the pair’s run was when Booker T won the 2006 King Of The Ring, and the pair would proclaim themselves to be ‘King Booker’ and ‘Queen Sharmell’.

The WWE Hall Of Famer looked back at how Vince McMahon was a particular fan of Sharmell’s work.

The thing is, Sharmell was one of Vince’s favourites. He definitely always loved Sharmell’s work. And I think Sharmell even more so than myself. You know a couple, and you think they like you, you think the people around you like you. Then you realize later on in life, just say for instance, you and your wife got divorced, and none of those guys like you anymore.

You realize they liked your wife a whole lot more than they actually liked you. I’m serious. I think Sharmell has always had that effect with people, man. Everybody has always loved Sharmell for what she has brought to the table more than anything. She’s always been genuine, it’s no play-acting with Sharmell.

He went on to say that their time as King and Queen is the favourite spell of his career.

The wrestling side didn’t turn out for her because she blew her knee out down there training in the WWE at OVW. Then, of course, the creation of King Booker. I tell people all the time, that was my best run, that was my most fun run in the business. None of it would ever have happened if it wasn’t for Sharmell. Because the King of the Ring tournament was not built for me to become the greatest king in the history of the King of the Ring tournament. It wasn’t built for that at all. It was built around Sharmell, and I had a moment there.

Sharmell will be inducted in to the 2022 WWE Hall Of Fame, in a class which currently also includes The Undertaker and Vader.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.