Bobby Lashley Reportedly Set For Major Shoulder Surgery

Bobby Lashley
Credit: WWE

It would seem that ‘The All Mighty’ Bobby Lashley could be set for an extended period away from the ring following his appearance at WWE Elimination Chamber, as he looks set to undergo shoulder surgery.

Bobby Lashley’s WWE Championship was on the line against five other men as WWE headed to Saudi Arabia for Elimination Chamber. Unfortunately, before he could even become an official participant in the contest he was crushed by Austin Theory as he was sent through the plexiglass of his pod by Seth Rollins.

Bobby Lashley was then escorted from the steel structure by medical staff, and it was noted by Michael Cole on commentary later in the contest that ‘The All Mighty’ had entered concussion protocol and would not feature any further in the match.

The eventual winner would be Brock Lesnar, who went on a rampage as he entered the match last and swiftly dispatched Rollins, Riddle, and AJ Styles. Austin Theory would follow, however he gave himself a little space after landing a low blow.

‘The Beast Incarnate’ soon got his revenge, as he managed to stop Theory as he tried to escape through the top of the cell, and delivered an F5 which sent him crashing to the floor and allowing an easy pinfall for Lesnar.

To follow up on Cole’s commentary, WWE released an official statement shortly after the event regarding the status of the now former WWE Champion.

In a new report, former WWE writer Kazeem Famuyide on The Ringer Wrestling Show has commented that these decisions are all actually due to a shoulder injury Lashley has been battling through since the Royal Rumble.

I have it under good authority that Bobby Lashley is shoot hurt and has been hurt since the Rumble match. If you noticed he hasn’t worked any RAWs. He hasn’t really defended his title. He was shoot hurt at the [Brock] Lesnar at the Rumble. Again, I was wondering how they were going to work him in there while being hurt. I’m assuming this concussion protocol thing is the way to get him out there.

Famuyide went on to give a timeline for the return of Bobby Lashley.

From what I’m told, it’s for a least four months. Shoulder surgery. I’m hearing that he might not even make it to Mania. From what I’m told he is shoot hurt and should be out for some time.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.