Bobby Lashley Disbands The Hurt Business On WWE Raw; Makes New Allegiance

The Hurt Business

Some will be a little confused why this has happened so close to WWE WrestleMania, but on last night’s edition of Raw Bobby Lashley kicked Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander out of The Hurt Business.

The quartet exploded into a brawl at the opening of Raw, leading to a match between Lashley and Benjamin later in the night which ‘The All Mighty’ expectedly won.

The brawl came about after Benjamin and Alexander ‘failed’ to take out Drew McIntyre last week.

Later in the night, both Ricochet and Mustafa Ali both unsuccessfully tried to take out McIntyre.

After the matches he came face to face with Lashley – who had a bit of extra help in taking the Scotsman out.

Baron Corbin came over from SmackDown to align himself with the WWE Champion.

This certainly adds a new aspect to Lashley vs McIntyre at WrestleMania, especially with MVP seemingly still in Lashley’s corner and Corbin now at his side as well.