Big E Wishes Match With The Bloodline Had “More Build”

The Bloodline & The New Day

After the recent contest between The New Day and The Bloodline, Big E has revealed that he wishes the match had more time and more build.

Big E may now be WWE Champion, but even before that historic event he had been hinting at a clash with Roman Reigns. With both he and ‘The Head Of The Table’ holding the top titles, a showdown was always on the cards.

Following a brief encounter on SmackDown, the six-man tag match was confirmed for Raw on 20th September.

With the match taking place so quickly after it was teased, Big E was among those who would have hoped that things would have been brewing for a little longer. Speaking to Renee Paquette on Oral Sessions, the WWE Champion commented on the respect he has for his opponents in the match and that he hopes they get to do it again soon.

I wish we had more time and more build.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to revisit it because obviously, it didn’t really conclude. Not in the most satisfying…not saying it was bad, but I hope we can do it again. We such a great history with the Usos, I have so much respect for those guys. They are easily, I hate compiling lists and what not, but they are definitely in the conversation for greatest tag team of all time. They are incredible. Roman is just doing absolutely incredible work, the stuff he’s been doing the last year has been incredible. It’s been really cool just to have that moment. I love that hot tag moment where we both slowly start to get in the ring and feeling fans start to build. It’s fresh and that’s the beautiful thing too. I haven’t been in this position of working title matches. There are so many guys I haven’t been in the ring with, especially singles, where I haven’t been positioned the same way. Now, we have so many different fresh matchups and I’m excited.

The match was eventually won by The Bloodline, after Bobby Lashley got involved and laid waste to everyone, leaving the opening for them to do the match again without the interference.

Big E and Bobby Lashley would collide twice on the most recent episode of Raw. Following a no-contest earlier in the evening, the pair would face off again inside a steel cage in the main event. Big E retained his WWE Championship following a Big Ending from the cage.