Big E Wants To Face “Pioneer” AJ Styles

Big E AJ Styles

WWE Champion Big E has revealed one dream match he’d love to have now that he’s a world champion, and he’s named the Phenomenal AJ Styles.

Big E was asked about the possibility of feuding with AJ Styles for the WWE Championship in an interview with Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso – before adding a resounding endorsement.

“I can’t say yes to that idea any stronger or louder. Styles is a pioneer. I have so much respect for what he’s done throughout his career. If his whole career stopped before he got to WWE, he still would have been one of the best of this generation. The fact that he was able to do everything he did outside of here, and then come here and keep cooking, it’s amazing.”

Big E continued by stating that they’ve faced off in the ring a few times, but the current WWE Champion was actually over on SmackDown when Styles and Omos took on his partners in The New Day, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston recently.

“I have so much respect for him as a performer. We’ve had a few interactions, and we had a couple matches with Y2AJ [Styles and Chris Jericho] when they were together, but I would love a proper one-on-one program with him. He is ideal—he’s so good, his offense is so believable, and I could fly around him.”

Big E captured his first WWE Championship when he cashed in his Money In The Bank contract against Bobby Lashley. The WWE Champion has since survived a Steel Cage match against the former champion on RAW and looks to have caught the eye of another former WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre.