Big Budget, Multi-Part Vince McMahon Netflix Documentary Announced By WWE

Vince McMahon

In WWE’s Q3 earnings call, new company President and Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan announced that a documentary series charting the life of WWE owner Vince McMahon has been purchased by Netflix.

Produced by WWE Studios and Bill Simmons, Khan has claimed that the series telling the story of the 75 year old McMahon will be “One of the highest budgeted documentaries in Netflix history”.

No release date has been mooted yet but wrestling fans will eagerly await this documentary.

Unquestionably the most important single figure in the history of wrestling, fans and observers have long wished to hear more about Vince’s life and career from the man himself.

We have heard snippets over the years in various interviews and WWE productions, but a whole series dedicated to the power behind WWE is a tantalising prospect.

Whilst WWE documentaries on their various talent have been well received over time, the last few years have really seen them excel themselves in that department.

In 2018, HBO aired an Andre The Giant documentary that received huge amounts of mainstream attention. This was followed up this year by ‘The Last Ride’ on WWE Network. A truly remarkable documentary series that allowed fans to finally get to know Mark Calaway, the man behind the lost protected gimmick of all time, The Undertaker.

On the subject of The Deadman, this month will also see another WWE Studios doc, ‘Brothers Of Destruction’ enjoy its world premiere at the world famous Austin Film Festival before making its way to the WWE Network.