Bianca Belair Talks Her Journey From CrossFit To WrestleMania

Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair, is a female whirlwind sweeping WWE’s women’s division, after becoming the first African-American woman to win the Royal Rumble, earlier this year and carving her path to WrestleMania 37. In a recent interview with Muscle And Fitness, the heir apparent to the SmackDown Women’t Title talked extensively about her athletic background.

In the interview, Belair discussed how her sporting life began at the blossoming age of 5, giving her time to “play almost every sport in the book”, excelling in tumble, track and field, setting high school records in 100 and 300 metre hurdles, and holding the Tennessee state championship, as a senior – all of these accomplishments placed her in the focus of many athletic colleges, and earned her a full scholarship. As she stumbled through the teenage uncertainty and homesick episodes, Belair needed some leverage, and this is when she stumbled upon CrossFit. After finding her “Eye of the Tiger”, she was back on track to become the -EST of WWE. 

“I really loved powerlifting, and all the skills that are needed to do CrossFit,” Belair says. “A lot of what we do in WWE is difficult, and it requires athleticism. But I’ve been able to pick up on things here very quickly, and physically, just from my athletic background.” Still, as other elite athletes that enter the high-impact WWE universe have found out, mastering sports entertainment is tougher than it looks. “I didn’t really watch wrestling, when I was growing up,” says Belair. “So, I had to play catch-up. I learned, and did my research, about the history of WWE. There’s so much that goes into WWE that’s not just physical. It’s an art. I completely threw myself into it.”

After signing a developmental contact in 2016, it was only months until Bianca appeared on television with NXT, earning herself a 367 day undefeated streak and placing her on the radar of pro-wrestling fans everywhere. Directly after her Royal Rumble 2020 appearance, where she eliminated 7 superstars and was ultimately tossed by Charlotte Flair, Belair joined the Raw roster to partner with her husband Montez Ford. She remained on the red brand for 9 months before being drafted to Smackdown, where she has held the spotlight ever since. 

WrestleMania 37 will see Belair’s first match on the grandest stage of them all and will give her a chance to solidify her statement that she is the strongEST, fastEST and toughEST in WWE, in her title match against current SmackDown Women’s Champ, Sasha Banks. “It’s going to be magical,” says Belair. “It’s going to be like a family reunion. It will be the first time that an African-American female has had a world title match at WrestleMania, so it’s going to be a historic night.”