Bianca Belair On The Most Nervous She’s Been On WWE TV

Bianca Belair

Many would expect Bianca Belair’s WrestleMania moment to be the most nervous she’s been on WWE television, but that isn’t the case for The EST.

Talking with Gary Cassidy of Inside The Ropes, Belair has recounted the night she had to complete an obstacle course live on WWE SmackDown. That night she also had to carry Otis on her shoulders, and the former SmackDown Women’s Champion remembers it as that segment being the most nervous she’s been.

I will say that’s one of the things I was the most nervous about because people don’t realise it’s live TV, it’s an obstacle course, and I call myself the EST, and I was most nervous about the hurdles because if I fall, what do I do, you know, and I lose? If I lose, but then having to pick up Otis…. Otis is a big guy, you know, my husband’s working with him now on the loop, and he can’t even take him down, and it’s rough.

Even with the nerves, Belair sees that as a night that she was really excited for, as it was a chance to show her full character to the audience.

I was super excited about the obstacle course, I feel like it was one of the first things that really introduced me to the SmackDown audience and really introduced me as the EST so people could really physically, I say it all the time, I am the EST, but it was a time that I could really show people – if people could understand it and really get invested in it and believe it.

Belair went on to discuss what it was like working with Bayley, and how disappointed she was when the woman she describes as a locker room leader got injured.

Well, that’s what happens when you work with Bayley. She’s someone who’s so creative. She’s so fun to work with, and that’s why I was so like, ‘Oh,’ when she got injured before the I Quit Match. I will say this about Bayley. She’s a locker room leader, and she’s one of the Four Horsewomen that I feel like doesn’t get as much credit as she should because she always rises to the occasion, but she always makes you, the person that she works with, she brings them up with her as well.” She did it for me with the obstacle course.