Beth Phoenix Calls Out AEW Commentary Team: NXT Team Could ‘Beat You Up’

Wade Barrett, Vic Joseph & Beth Phoenix

The Wednesday Night War isn’t just between the wrestlers in their respective rings at NXT and AEW, or the fans at home and on social media – it’s between the announce desks too.

This Wednesday night on Twitter current NXT commentator Beth Phoenix made the following post:

Now, while the Hall of Famer didn’t specifically call out anyone on her post (she could’ve meant ANY announce team from ANY sport) she got a swift reply from Excalibur who calls the matches on AEW.

The picture that Excalibur replied with was of himself, Taz, and in his AEW announce debut -1 aka Brodie Lee Jnr.

Phoenix replied again saying ‘those pipes are illegal weapons!’ to which Excalibur went on to explain ‘Sorry, had to bring in the heater!’

Beth Phoenix Vic Joseph, and Wade Barrett taking on Excalibur, Taz and Brodie Lee Jnr? We’re up for that!

Obviously there’s a less than slim chance we’ll see it, but we’d settle for more of these kind of exchanges between the rival companies.

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