“Best Segment Ever!!” – Chris Jericho’s Take On Classic ECW Segment

Chris Jericho makes his entrance in AEW.
Photo Credit: AEW

Chris Jericho has discussed his opinion on a classic segment from Extreme Championship Wrestling, classing it as the “best segment ever”.

The statement was made by the Demo-God after a social media post from Bubba Ray Dudley, thanking the Blue Meanie for going on Busted Open Radio with him whilst showing a clip from a classic segment where they came face to face following Bubba meeting with Sign Guy Dudley.

The pair would go on to do a mime routine, with Blue Meanie flinching as they both go to throw a punch. Although he then doesn’t end up fighting Bubba Ray Dudley, he does then turn to run and goes straight in to the wall and knocks himself out.

Upon seeing the post, Chris Jericho was quick to proclaim how great he feels the segment was.

The Blue Meanie has been involved in a number of discussions about his most notable segments recently, including talking on Stories With Brisco And Bradshaw about the brawl he had with JBL at ECW One Night Stand in 2005.

On the show he discussed how the pair were able to put their issues behind them so that they could continue doing business.

The most important thing is we got to SmackDown on July 4, 2005 and [JBL] approached me and said ‘Hey, want to go talk?’ I said ‘Absolutely’. . . Here’s the deal, you’ve all been to TV and there’s signage everywhere. Catering, kayfabe, Vince’s office. So, as we’re walking I’m seeing less signage.

And I’m like ‘If me and John go into this room and there’s plastic on the floor, I’m running.’

We went in the room like two men, he shut the door behind me. He said ‘Hey, we can either fight or make money.’ I said ‘Uh, I’d like to make some money, sir.’ And we had a heart-to-heart talk.

I explained everything at the time, how I thought he bullied me. He told me about his experiences with the NFL and playing for the Raiders and a little bit of ball-breaking and ribs, and stuff like that.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.