Bella Twins Say Speeches At WWE Hall Of Fame Much Shorter Than Normal

The Bella Twins

This year WWE are trying to cram two years worth of Hall Of Fame inductees in to one ceremony, after last year’s was cancelled due to the pandemic.

Sometimes it certainly can feel like the ceremony is a drag, but for the most part the speeches are entertaining.

It seems that this year some speeches won’t even really get the chance to get started.

According to Brie Bella on The Bella Twins’ latest podcast, they were told to cut their comments down to between three and five minutes.

We had a speech written, but then we realized it was too long because we’re only allowed to do our speech for three to five minutes. We wrote a 15-minute speech because usually, they are like, ’10 to 15 minutes’, then we found out they were like, ‘No, it has to be three to five minutes’. To do your Hall of Fame speech and take out that much stuff is really hard. We’re wondering like, ‘How do we condense this. What’s important? We want to thank all these people and tell stories’.

Whether this is just the case for the 2020 Class or for everyone involved we don’t yet know, as it will certainly be short if everyone only gets given a few minutes.

Nikki Bella also added that it became difficult as there were so many people they wanted to thank.

We’ve always been grateful women and that’s where it’s difficult. The majority of our speech is thanking people and they’re like, ‘Talk more about yourself’. We’ve already proven ourselves as Hall of Famers. It’s almost like winning an Oscar. You’re thanking the people who helped you get there.

It seems like the WWE Network schedule for next week will be the indication of how long each inductee was actually given.

With thanks to Fightful for the transcription.