Becky Lynch On “Outdated” Brand Supremacy Concept At Survivor Series

Becky Lynch holding a WWE microphone.
Photo Credit: WWE

WWE Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch will be representing her current brand at Survivor Series, however she feels that the concept of brand supremacy at the event has run its course.

Survivor Series became a fixture of the WWE calendar back in 1987. The annual November event often features a number of elimination tag matches, with the 2021 edition set to have two signature five-on-five contests.

Since the brand split in 2016, the matches have become less about being a survivor for your team, and more about representing either Raw or SmackDown – or even NXT when it came to the 2019 event. This year as well as the elimination matches a number of title holders across both brands will clash in singles and tag action.

This year has seen many eyebrows raised, with the Draft happening just a few weeks before and a number of stars now fighting on behalf of a brand they have only been a member of for a matter of weeks.

Becky Lynch spoke to Vicente Beltran about the upcoming event, and claimed that it would be wise to bring in a tangible prize to make the event more appealing for other superstars.

Yeah, I mean, that would be helpful. The whole brand supremacy is a little outdated. But at the same time, we’re all competitors, and you always want to be the best, and whatever it is, whatever carrot they dangle, you always want to be the best.

Whether it’s ‘here, the winner gets a freakin’ banana’. Like, well, I want that freakin’ banana. I want to prove that I deserve that banana. So you always want to be the best, so I think whatever the logic is, you can make it work when you’re a competitive human, which we all are. You don’t get to WWE if you’re not competitive.

At Survivor Series 2021 Becky Lynch is set to represent the red brand as she faces SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair. This match has even more spice to it after reports of a real-life confrontation after the pair exchanged belts in the first SmackDown following the 2021 Draft.

With thanks to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription.

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