Becky Lynch Is Pregnant: Vacates Women’s Title

Becky Lynch

As was widely speculated late on Monday after WWE teased a ‘major announcement’ on Raw, Becky Lynch opened the show with the stunning yet amazing news that she is pregnant with her first child.

As a result, The Man relinquished her Raw Women’s Championship after a record setting 398 day reign. Money In The Bank match winner Asuka was declared the new champion when Lynch informed The Empress Of Tomorrow that all was not as she believed in the match the night prior. She was not fighting for a women’s title shot as she believed. She was fighting for the title itself.

Whilst the news of Lynch’s pregnancy was a bolt out of the blue, the signs were there. She had not wrestled in over a month with her last match being her defeat of Shayna Baszler at WrestleMania. Her absence from the Money In The Bank card was also conspicuous as fans wondered why WWE’s biggest female star was not on the card. Now we know.

It was wonderful to see WWE celebrate Becky’s news throughout the night by means of congratulations from several superstars and joyous scenes with Becky and her fellow babyfaces. It’s a sign of how WWE’s attitude has changed for the better over the last decade or so. You wouldn’t have to go back too many years to a time when WWE would certainly not acknowledge the pregnancy of a female star, much less celebrate that of the centrepiece of the female side of the roster. It’s great to see.

In terms of the future, Lynch’s plans remain unclear, naturally. The life of a WWE superstar is a gruelling and strange one. Working out how to mesh motherhood with being one of WWE’s biggest and in demand stars is something that isn’t done overnight. That said, Becky certainly left the door open to retiring from her full time in ring career in an exclusive post-announcement interview with People magazine

It’s just such a joyous time and then such a sad time too. I loved this and I’ve given my life to this. I’ve achieved everything that I want to achieve in this business. “I don’t know what the next chapter is because I only know what it’s like to think for myself when I’m by myself. So I don’t know what it’ll look like and how my priorities shift and what I’m going to want in the future. So, everything’s open.

Our heartfelt congratulations to Becky Lynch and her partner Seth Rollins on this amazing news. The Man is set to become The Mum.