Bea Priestley Says Goodbye To Stardom And Japan

Bea Priestley
Credit: AEW

On the same day as Will Ospreay won the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship, has real-life partner Bea Priestley made a huge announcement of her own.

After competing on a Stardom show at the same time as Ospreay was appearing for NJPW, Priestley announced that she was leaving both Stardom and Japan.

By saying she’s leaving Japan, the simple question is where she will be heading next.

She’s cleared her Twitter so there are no clues there, and her Instagram feed is (expectedly) full of “thank you Bea” posts.

Priestley was signed to AEW before being released as the pandemic hit meaning there was little chance of her being able to travel to America.

It may be that now restrictions have eased she will be re-signed, or maybe she has another destination in mind. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Certainly a monumental night in the Ospreay/Priestley household!