Bayley Criticises Re-Use Of Gimmick In WWE


Bayley has had her say on Austin Theory’s new gimmick in WWE, as the superstar shows remarkable similarities to another competitor who has been released.

After being moved to Monday Night Raw during this year’s Draft, Austin Theory’s stock has risen rapidly. As well as his egg-stealing antics, he has already stepped in to the ring with the likes of Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, and WWE Champion Big E.

Theory proved to be the difference maker during this week’s contest between The Dirty Dawgs and the team of Finn Balor and Damian Priest before taking his customary selfie with the fallen Balor, who he had distracted towards the end of the match.

WWE then posted a shot on social media of Theory taking the picture, along with the caption “Now that’s a pretty picture.”

Bayley was quick to respond to the Tweet, referencing Tyler Breeze as the only ‘Prince Pretty’.

There’s only one prince pretty and you know it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyler Breeze was most well known in NXT, where he would take selfies using a phone and selfie stick during his entrances and occasionally in the middle of contests.

Bayley has followed this up with a further Tweet, claiming that her and Austin Theory are now best friends.

A former SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley has recently been sidelined with a serious knee injury. However, she recently gave an update saying that she’s not too far away from making a return and that everyone needs to be ready.

Anyway, people are asking how my knee is. So, my knee is doing great, my leg’s doing great, my ankle’s doing great, my shin is doing great, my hip is doing great, my mind is doing great… so, I mean it’s only a matter of time.

Although Bayley didn’t provide a specific date, she did say that her return would be “soon”.