Austin Theory Recounts Memorable Advice From Shawn Michaels

Austin Theory wearing a silver and black entrance jacket.

Shawn Michaels is now known as one of the driving forces behind NXT, and Austin Theory has revealed some advice ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ gave him which, whilst initially confusing, helped him work out who he truly is.

Austin Theory initially worked on the then black and gold brand after signing with WWE in October 2019, and was very quickly in a contest at WrestleMania 36, teaming with Angel Garza in a losing effort for the Raw Tag Team Championships.

Remaining part of the Raw roster through 2020 and teaming with Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy, Theory went back to NXT as part of The Way.

As he builds towards a first WrestleMania singles appearance this year, Austin Theory has spoken to Alex McCarthy of TalkSport and recalled some memorable advice he received from Shawn Michaels during that run.

We’d go back and watch matches, and I remember something specifically he said when I first got there, when I was 22,

He told me, ‘Hey, when you go out there,’ he was like, ‘Are you having fun?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m having fun.’ And he said, ‘You know, like hearing the people and everything?’ And I was like, I don’t really know if I hear the people and everything because I’m so focused on what I’m trying to do in the ring.

He said, ‘You’ve got to find who you are and be yourself,’ but at 22, I didn’t know who I was. So I’m like, ‘Wait, what? What do you mean?’ I would think about that a lot. I was still doing the same thing but I was trying to figure out his advice. Be yourself? Then I realized it was about letting a little loose. Have fun. Everybody knows being outside of the ring and being able to do promos and backstages, that’s what makes the character.

That’s what gets people invested. It would be like watching a movie and it’s just action the whole time, you’re not really going to relate to anybody. That little piece of funny advice he gave me at the time went a long way. But I really tried to figure it out because I was like, Shawn Michaels isn’t just going to say this to me.

As part of the 2021 Draft, Austin Theory made his way back to Monday Night Raw and was soon taken under the wing of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. He is now lined up to face Pat McAfee at WrestleMania 38.