Amanda Huber, Wife Of Brodie Lee, Says AEW Farewell Show Was His Funeral

Brodie Lee

The latest AEW Unrestricted podcast features an interview with Amanda Huber, the widow of Jon Huber/Brodie Lee/Luke Harper.

In the interview she discusses how her late husband didn’t want the notoriety that knowledge of his illness would have brought.

He wouldn’t have wanted everybody knowing he was sick. He wouldn’t have wanted the fanfare. That’s just not who he was.

The farewell show produced by AEW was certainly an emotional night for all those involved, as well as those who have watched the event.

The widow of the former TNT Champion has discussed how the present climate has prevented a public funeral.

Therefore, the show was effectively his funeral and a chance for those who loved him in the wrestling industry to say goodbye.

I would have loved to have done a funeral, but I can’t risk anybody else’s health. So the AEW show that was put on, that was his send-off and that was his funeral—and that was our way of saying goodbye to him.