All Sting Merchandise Removed From Sale By WWE

Photo Credit: WWE

Late this week, WWE pulled all Sting merchandise from sale on all of their online portals.

In May, it was announced that the Hall Of Famer was no longer under WWE contract which at the time led action figure manufacturer Mattel pulling a Sting figure from a soon to be released line. He was also conspicuous by his absence from the latest WWE video game, 2K Battlegrounds, released in September.

With Sting no longer contractually tied to WWE, this would in theory leave him free to sign with any other company for a regular role or one-off appearance.

The obvious question, could we see Sting show up in AEW any time soon? Perhaps even at Full Gear on Saturday 7th November?

Brock Lesnar’s merchandise was similarly pulled by WWE recently on the expiration of his contract. It will of course be restored to sale if and when the two parties agree a new contract.