AEW’s Jake Hager Claims John Cena Refused To Job To Him In WWE

Jake Hager

There are a handful of wrestlers who have spoken about John Cena’s lack of co-operation when it came to giving them the rub.

Whilst it seems that the many outweigh the few in this popular vote, it seems that Jake Hager can be added to the ‘few’ in this instance.

In the latest Talk Is Jericho podcast Hager, known as Jack Swagger in WWE, talked of when he won the Money In The Bank briefcase and how he doesn’t want to go in to what happened when he seemingly thought he would be cashing in on Cena.

I had a little inclination, but I had no idea what was going to happen. The night before, I teased it on Raw. I hit Cena with the briefcase, I snuck up on him when he had one of his brilliant promo segments. Later, come to find out, he refused to do the job for me for the [WWE] Championship. We won’t talk about that. Ugh. ‘The most unselfish top man in the business’.

Hager went on to talk about what did then happen with cashing in the briefcase, which he did against podcast host Jericho.

Whilst Jericho was clear Hager had to get it right, it created an element of trust between the two which seems to have rolled in to AEW.

That was in Phoenix. I got a call that night to come to Vegas. We get to the building, I get there 30 minutes early so I’m waiting. I see [John Laurinaitis] go into the office, here you [Jericho] come, here Edge comes, I was going to come in behind you guys, then the door shuts. It was about five minutes, then I go in there. When we were in there and it was laid out, you turned to me and were like, ‘You better not **** this up,’ and you were dead serious and very sincere. It always reminded me of my best wrestling coach. Once you said that, I looked up to you and knew I could trust you.

With thanks to Fightful for the transcription.