AEW Star Ivelisse Says She Has Been Released – Claims It Is Due To Her Speaking Out About Mistreatment

Credit: WWE

Former Lucha Underground and now (seemingly) former AEW women’s division member Ivelisse has claimed that she was released from the promotion after mistreatment by the promotion.

These claims seemingly stem from personal issues with former NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa who has been working extensively with the company over the past year.

She raised a very pointed statement to Fightful Select about the matter this week:

“I spoke up about mistreatment from a Coach, even to other women too, there were witnesses and I was the one suspended and left in limbo and just now let go, and nothing has been done at all the entire time about (Thunder Rosa) slandering my name the entire time in AEW and doing everything to sabotage my position there, I kept quiet, (Thunder Rosa) also has a history of getting involved with officials in order to get ahead which there was a lawsuit and everything in (Lucha Underground).”

During a match last year, Ivelisse and Rosa seemingly began to have a very real physical altercation. It is fair to assume that their personal problems have persisted since then. She last wrestled for the promotion on an episode of AEW Dark that debuted on February 24th.

AEW have not commented on the situation, nor confirmed Ivelisse’s release claims as of this writing.