AEW Produce Wonderful Tribute To Brodie Lee Episode Including Erick Rowan Appearance

Erick Rowan AKA Erick Redbeard
Credit: AEW

This week’s AEW Dynamite was dedicated to the memory of Brodie Lee.

One superstar who knew him incredibly well was his former tag team partner Erick Rowan (now Erick Redbeard) who made himself known in the main event.

During the six-man tag team match between the Dark Order (Alex Reynolds, John Silver, and Hangman Page) and the Inner Circle (MJF, Santana, and Ortiz), Wardlow jumped in the ring and interfered on behalf of the Inner Circle but a debuting Redbeard ran in and took him out with his Iron Claw. 

On commentary Chris Jericho shouted “It’s Erick Rowan!” which was quickly corrected by Tony Schiavone saying it’s “Erick Redbeard!” Jericho responded with “He doesn’t even work here.” He also mentioned that Erick was Brodie Lee’s former tag team partner in the Bludgeon Brothers.

The match also featured Brodie Lee’s son, Brodie Jr, knocking down MJF with a kendo stick and the Dark Order picking up the victory with Redbeard joining them in the ring for an emotional celebration, holding up a sign which read “Goodbye for now, my brother. See you down the road.”

Following the match, Sting and Darby Allin came to the ring to run off the heels before Brodie Jr placed his father’s wrestling boots in the centre of the ring in one of the most heart-wrenching moments in wrestling history.

After this, AEW President Tony Khan came to the ring and presented Brodie Jr with the TNT Championship belt, briefly held by his father earlier in 2020.

It was explained by Tony Schiavone on the Dynamite post-show that this belt was given to the family for keeps and a whole new title design would be created to replace it.

Following the episode, wrestling superstars from around the world and various promotions took to social media to give their support and thanks to the family of Brodie and to AEW for the tribute.

Immense credit should go to AEW for honouring the memory of a man who was clearly beloved by his family and peers in the most heartfelt way possible.

Forget everything you’ve seen in wrestling in 2020, this episode of AEW Dynamite is the reason we can all be proud to call ourselves wrestling fans.

RIP Brodie Lee.