AEW Owner Tony Khan Explains ‘Shift In The Balance Of Power’ Promise

Tony Khan

Ahead of this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, owner Tony Khan posted a tweet promising that events on Dynamite would ‘shift the balance of power in wresting’.

A bold statement for sure. And while the episode did include a fantastic surprise ending and a fun tease, the comments certainly seemed overblown.

Whilst individuals in Khan’s position in wrestling companies have long been all too quick to over-promise and over deliver (How often did Dixie Carter suggest a TNA announcement would change wrestling forever?), Khan and AEW have built up a groundswell of goodwill that they must be careful to protect by not betraying their audience’s trust.

As such, Khan felt it important to qualify his remarks in a post-Dynamite tweet for anyone feeling let down.

Khan claims he purely meant the balance of power would begin to shift. it will be interesting to see how fans react the next time he makes a proclamation like this, such is his growing reputation for hyperbole.