AEW Owner Tony Khan Discusses The Possibility Of Adding Intermissions To Future PPV Events

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Credit: AEW

AEW Owner Tony Khan appeared on The Busted Open Radio Show today where the idea of bringing back an old idea for PPVs – An intermission.

With many PPV events, most notably WrestleMania, notable for going long nowadays, Khan was asked by hosts Dave LeGreca and Tommy Dreamer whether it was something he would consider for AEW PPVs. He reacted positively to the idea saying:

“We have great (video packages) and we could do that. Also, a (countdown) clock. If you watch the Road To or the countdown, you might’ve seen them, but that’s even better. They are part of the pay-per-view, putting some (video packages) up. I think it’s a good idea. If (Busted Open hosts Tommy Dreamer and Dave LaGreca) like it, that makes me feel a little better. Maybe it’s a good idea. If the fans like it, then maybe it’s a good idea.”

NJPW have long used intermissions in their events and WWE also included these in the 80s and very early 90s. This practise has long since been phased out for fear of losing the attention of the viewing audience.