AEW Announce Three New Video Games Including Debut Console Game

AEW Games Chris Jericho

AEW hosted a YouTube live stream on their new ‘AEW Games’ channel last night to announce three brand new video games in various stages of development – including a console game made by the creative head behind the acclaimed ‘WWF No Mercy’ on Nintendo 64, thought by many to be the greatest wrestling video game of all time.

The stream began with Kenny Omega coming out dressed as Steve Jobs and giving us a short recap of AEW’s history from January 2019 to the Covid era.

He then went on to confirm that they have been working non-stop on an AEW video game for some time now, and they showed a trailer. In the trailer, after displaying the AEW logo, a further logo for well-known game development company YUKES appeared.

Credit: AEW

For those who don’t know, YUKES have a long history with wrestling games. From developing the first-ever 3D wrestling game for Playstation to some of the more critically acclaimed WWE titles such as Here Comes The Pain! and Smackdown Vs Raw 2006 & 2007 as well as the 2K games up until 2K19, YUKES have more than proven their ability to make a fantastic wrestling game.

As well as the trailer, Omega also announced that the game will be coming to both current-gen and next-gen consoles meaning that Xbox One and Series X as well as PS4 and PS5 owners will all be able to play the game.

After this referee and former mobile game developer Aubrey Edwards interrupted to announce that, as well as the console game, AEW is going to be bringing out a mobile game.

Once again we were treated to a trailer showing the new “Elite General Manager” mobile game. General Manager mode has always been a fan favourite and something the fans of the WWE games have been requesting since its departure in SVR 2007.

Britt Baker then came out and announced that the new “AEW Games” t-shirt is now available at

Cody Rhodes also made an appearance in the stream to announce that while these games are still in early development and do not yet have a release date, he too has been working on something that they are bringing out “this winter”.

Again we got a trailer for a mobile game. Not much was revealed as to how the game is played but it does seem as though it will be a casino game with the title “AEW Casino: Double or Nothing”.

After the rest were ushered off the stage by the man himself, Kenny Omega told us he had one final announcement. And that was that the director of possibly the most beloved wrestling video game WWF No Mercy, Hideyuki ‘Geta’ Iwashita will also be the director of the AEW console game. He shared a few words with the audience before Omega wrapped up the stream.

AEW have set up both a YouTube and Twitter account for AEW Games and they will be making all announcements through these going forward.

You can check out the live stream below.