5 Key Moments From WWE SmackDown (September 3, 2021)

Roman Reigns
Credit: WWE

SmackDown this week came from the Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. On a week where we saw Dominik Mysterio yet again come up short against Sami Zayn, Naomi YET AGAIN be ignored by Sonya Deville, and Rick Boogs getting his first one-on-one victory, there was also:

Becky bragged and berated Belair, before bailing

The Man came back to SmackDown this week and cut a promo telling Bianca Belair that Belair wasn’t ready at SummerSlam and that she doesn’t get to cry about it just because she wasn’t ready. Becky Lynch followed it up by saying you can’t fake experience and that all it took was one flip of her fist in Bianca’s face to end her title reign. The EST of WWE came out to the ring and challenged Lynch to a title match that night. For the second week in a row Becky said “no” and left the ring. Later in the show The Man was approached by Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce, and was informed that she will defend against Bianca Belair at Extreme Rules and the contract signing will take place on SmackDown next Friday in Madison Square Garden.

Heyman should have kept it on silent

Paul Heyman was stopped backstage by Kayla Braxton who started to ask about Roman Regins vs. Finn Balor that night, but was suddenly interrupted by the theme tune of Brock Lesnar. As it turned out, it was a phone call from Lesnar and Heyman was caught off-guard. He ignored the first call but answered when it rang again, telling Lesnar that he couldn’t talk but he would deliver the message. Later on we saw Heyman tell Reigns that they had a problem with Lesnar, but Roman laughed and said it’s Heyman that has the problem with Lesnar. Heyman said Lesnar will be at Super SmackDown next week.

Rollins got the attention he wanted

After Seth Rollins got himself disqualified in a WrestleMania rematch against Cesaro, Rollins carried on the attack. The DQ happened when he hit Cesaro with a chair and he didn’t let up after the bell. He put Cesaro in the Glasgow Grin submission (the “Crossface with part of a chair” move that Edge made famous) before hitting him with the Stomp. As Seth attempted to go for a Con-Chair-To Edge ran out to make the save. Rollins left the ring laughing and taunting the Rated-R Superstar as Edge checked on Cesaro. Later in the show Edge said that he hoped Rollins had moved on but as he hadn’t, he would challenge him to a match on next week’s Super SmackDown show.

Happy and Logan went after Owens

This week’s guest on the K.O. Show was none other than the newly minted Happy Corbin, although he himself brought a guest in the form of Logan Paul. Paul thanked Kevin Owens for the invite but Owens said he didn’t invite him because he wouldn’t subject the crowd to that. Corbin went on to say that he and Logan bonded after Happy won a load on Jake Paul’s boxing match in Vegas. K.O. then said that Logan is trash and Logan responded by offering him $100 because “it looked like he could use it.” Owens replied saying he doesn’t need his money, he just needed him to turn around and get out of his ring. Logan pushed Owens, Owens pushed Paul, but then Happy hit Owens with a cheap shot and a Chokeslam to end the segment.

Balor got beat-down before the bell

In the main event of SmackDown, Finn Balor took on Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship. Before the match, however, the Usos attacked Balor as he made his way to the ring, and left him at a severe disadvantage against the Tribal Chief. The Street Profits ran in and chased Jimmy and Jey away from ringside, Reigns made his entrance, and the referee started the match proper. Towards the end of the match Balor had hit Roman with the Coup de Grace from the top rope but as Reigns kicked out hit Balor with a low blow and then applied the Guillotine in the middle of the ring, causing Finn to pass out and the win was awarded to Reigns. As the Head of the Table left the ring he was distracted as his music was briefly interrupted by a red light and a heartbeat as SmackDown went off the air.