5 Key Moments From WWE SmackDown (August 20, 2021)

John Cena & Roman Reigns

The final WWE show before the SummerSlam PPV took place at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona. An Uso beat a Mysterio and an Academy member beat a Profit, but this is the main stuff you need to know.

1. Corbin absconds yet again

Baron Corbin (with the Money in the Bank briefcase) went one-on-one on this week’s show against Kevin Owens. Owens had the upper hand causing Corbin to go to the outside and regroup but he didn’t have the chance due to Big E turning up. Corbin went to grab the MITB briefcase but Big E attacked him, which culminated in Corbin sending Big E into the ring post giving him the chance to escape once more with the briefcase as Big E was left seething.

2. Shotzi and Nox beat the champions to be allowed to challenge for the titles

Nox and Shotzi were definitely Takin’ Care of Business (TCB!) when they went up against the Women’s Tag Team Champions, Natalya and Tamina. The end of the match came about with Shotzi and Natalya fighting in the ring. On the outside Nox launched herself from the apron to take out Tamina, then back inside Shotzi countered a Sharpshooter attempt and rolled Natalya up for the win, making her team the number one contenders for the Tag Team titles.

3. Rollins receives an old school Brood blood bath

In the middle of the ring Seth Rollins (in an all white suit) commented on Edge’s earlier promo. Rollins told him there’s no shame in not being able to find the darkness that once guided Edge but the problem is without that blackness, without that darkness, Edge can’t get on Rollins’ level. Just then red lights started flashing, flames appeared and the Brood’s music hit. Edge came on the titantron and told Seth “the freaks come out at night and you’ll never see it coming”. A huge amount of blood fell from the rafters knocking Rollins to the floor and making his suit a completely different colour. Vintage Edge!

4. Belair pulls double duty

After last week’s contract signing Bianca Belair was out for revenge (in a non-title way). First she took on Zelina Vega but following the Kiss of Death and getting the pin her next opponent, Carmella, hit Belair with a couple of superkicks. The next match started straight away and Carmella was in charge for most of it, but ultimately came up short as the SmackDown Women’s Champion hit a spinebuster followed by the KOD for her second win of the night and a decent serving of retribution.

5. Reigns to go all-in in Vegas

Roman Reigns and John Cena went face-to-face one last time before their huge match this Saturday at SummerSlam, and Reigns brought the confidence. After a bit of back and forth with promos from each wrestler the Tribal Chief made the following proclamation: “Either I’m leaving that stadium Universal Champion or I’m leaving WWE.” Reigns held his hand out and they shook on it but then he hoisted Cena up seemingly going for a Samoan Drop. Cena countered into a roll-up as Michael Cole shouted “ONE, TWO” (Roman kicked out then) “THREE!” The point has been proven though, Cena only needs the one-two-three at SummerSlam.