5 Key Moments From WWE Raw (September 6, 2021)

Bobby Lashley MVP Randy Orton
Credit: WWE

Raw this week came from the FTX Arena in Miami, Florida. On the show we saw Johnny Drip Drip fall to Karrion Kross, Reginald escape once more with the 24/7 title, and the team of Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. become next in line to a shot at the Women’s Tag Team Belts. But also:

Lashley challenged Orton one-on-one, WWE title match set for Extreme Rules

Raw Tag Team Champions RKBro, Randy Orton and Riddle, got interrupted by Bobby Lashley and MVP at the start of Raw. Orton had been on the mic talking about the match they all had last week and how Lashley and MVP failed miserably, when the Almighty and MVP made their presence known. Lashley told the Viper that he wanted to finish what they started. Orton asked if he was being challenged, and Bobby let him know that he was. Orton agreed so long as the WWE title was on the line, and MVP said it would happen at the upcoming Extreme Rules PPV.

Tag Team Turmoil ended in… turmoil

A seven team Tag Team Turmoil match was set to take place to see who would go on to face RKBro for the WWE Raw Tag Team Titles. The teams taking part were: The New Day, The Viking Raiders, Mustafa Ali and Mansoor, Lucha House Party, MACE and T-BAR, Jinder Mahal and Veer, and AJ Styles and Omos. The New Day took out the Raiders to start things off and then they also eliminated Lucha House Party. MACE and T-BAR were the next out after Woods pinned T-BAR with a roll-up. The former Retribution members didn’t go quietly and instead attacked The New Day as Mansoor and Mustafa Ali ran to the ring. Both the fresh men were also taken out by MACE and T-BAR as WWE officials tried to get the big men to leave ringside. After the break Sonya Deville made the announcement that it wasn’t going to end like this and would restart later in the night after everyone had the chance to regroup. It was also announced that MVP and WWE Champion Bobby Lashley had been added to the match so the Tag Team Turmoil match was then The New Day vs. Mansoor and Ali vs. Lashley and MVP vs. AJ Styles and Omos.

McIntyre pinned again

Sheamus and Drew McIntyre went one-on-one to determine who would be the number one contender for Damian Priest’s United States Title. It was as hard hitting as every other time they’ve faced off together, and the Irishman came out on top after he avoided a Claymore from the Scot and got the roll-up pin on McIntyre (albeit with a handful of tights). McIntyre hit the Claymore after the match, obviously frustrated at being pinned in the middle of the ring for the second week in a row.

Flair fared better this week, new challenger revealed

Fresh off of her win against Charlotte Flair last week, Nia Jax came ready to take the Raw Women’s Title. Shayna Baszler was in the corner of Jax but that would be Nia’s undoing. As the bell rung for the start of the match Baszler (on the apron and on the mic) told Jax she wasn’t sure she had what it took to beat Charlotte twice in a row. Later in the match Flair hit Nia with a Moonsault to the outside but only got a two count once back in the ring. The end of the match came about when Jax was about to suplex the Queen from the top rope but was distracted by Shayna, which allowed Flair to then hit Natural Selection and get the pin. After the match Alexa Bliss appeared on the big screen and invited Flair to her Playground. The lights went off and when they came back on Bliss and Lilly were in the ring. Flair asked what she wanted and Bliss pointed to the Women’s Championship belt, to which Charlotte offered her a title match.

Tag Team Turmoil Two

The Number One Contenders Tag Team Turmoil match restarted as it should’ve carried on earlier, with The New Day facing off against Mansoor and Mustafa Ali. Xavier Woods got the pin on Ali to eliminate them and next out came AJ Styles and Omos. The colossus Omos launched Woods to the outside and then sent Kofi Kingston into a Styles Clash from AJ for the pin and The New Day were gone. Bobby Lashley and MVP were the final team out and were met with an “MVP!” chant from his hometown crowd. Lashley got the pin on Styles after he avoided the Phenomenal Forearm and hit AJ with a Spear to get the pin. Lashley was taken out by Omos after the bell and as he got back to his feet was knocked straight back down with an RKO from Randy Orton. Lashley and MVP vs. RKBro for the Tag Titles was confirmed for next week as Raw went off the air.