5 Key Moments From WWE Raw (September 13, 2021)

Big E posing on the ropes with the WWE Championship.
Credit: WWE

WWE Raw this week came from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. On the show we saw a 3-on-3 tag team match, a 4-on-4 tag team match, and Doudrop got an official win over Eva Marie. But mainly, all of this:

Big E announced his intention to cash in his Money in the Bank contract

Big E had announced that he was going to cash in his contract for a WWE title shot even before Raw started this week. He was the first Superstar on this week’s episode but was soon joined in the ring by Riddle, Randy Orton, MVP and the WWE Champion Bobby Lashley. As Orton and Lashley traded insults Big E made sure to let them know that he would be making good on his promise to use the Money in the Bank contract on whoever won their match later in the night. Before the segment ended Big E put the briefcase in the face of Lashley who knocked it away, and then Orton knocked Bobby down with an RKO.

Charly made her debut

Charlotte Flair defeated Shayna Baszler following a distraction from Nia Jax (Jax getting payback for Baszler making HER lose last week). After the match Flair’s opponent at Extreme Rules, Alexa Bliss, made her way to the ring carrying Lily and a present for Charlotte. After a bit of back and forth Flair opened the present and inside was a doll based on her likeness which Bliss announced was called “Charly.” The Queen threw the doll back at Bliss, enraging her, and Alexa jumped at Flair and knocked her out of the ring.

United States Championship Open Challenge

Earlier in the day, Jeff Hardy answered the open challenge for Damian Priest’s US Title. Sheamus made his way to the announce table before the match started, distracting both Hardy and Priest. The Archer of Infamy came out on top after he hit Jeff with the Reckoning and got the pin, and then managed to fight off Shemus post-match with a Brogue Kick to knock the Irishman from the ring.

Tag Team Champions came up short

The Raw Women’s Tag Team Champions were both in singles action on Raw, when Tamina took on Nikki A.S.H. and then Natalya went against Rhea Ripley. Tamina vs. Nikki ended in confusion when Nikki got the pin on Tamina after a Tornado DDT because even though she had lost, Tamina’s music hit and she was announced as the winner. Straight after Natalya and Ripley went at it and, following interference from A.S.H, Rhea got the submission win.

Lashey beat Orton, Big E cashed in!

Bobby Lashley defeated Randy Orton in their first match against each other in 14 years. The end came about when Lashley hit Orton with a huge Spear to get the pin and retained the WWE Championship. After the match the Almighty carried on the beat-down and put Orton through the announce table, but seemed to tweak his leg in the process. Big E made good on his promise from earlier and cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase on a worn down Lashley. Big E kicked out of a pin which had followed a Spear from Bobby, then he hit him with the Big Ending and became the new WWE Champion. Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston joined him in the ring to celebrate as Raw went off the air.