5 Key Moments From WWE Raw (October 4, 2021)

Becky Lynch Sasha Banks
Credit: WWE

This week WWE Raw took place at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. On the second night of the draft we heard Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins are coming back to Raw, we saw Shayna Baszler destroy Dana Brooke, and it was announced Sheamus, Baszler and Xia Li would all be making their homes on SmackDown. Plus all this:

Now THERE’S a Theory

Damian Priest had another successful title defence on the opening match of this week’s show. He put his United States title on the line against Jeff Hardy and, after he kicked out from Hardy’s Swanton Bomb, managed to get the pin to retain. After the match Hardy was interviewed in the ring and said that being drafted to SmackDown might be a perfect time to see a different side to him, a different ego. He was interrupted by the music of the newly drafted Austin Theory who got in the ring and gushed over Hardy, telling him he was a big fan and asked for a selfie together. Jeff agreed but Theory hit him with a cheap shot followed by a TKO. He then actually did take the photo he was after, albeit with Hardy down on the mat.

Big E and Big D teamed up

The WWE Champion, Big E, got on the mic in the ring to say that in his gruelling match last week against Bobby Lashley, he proved that he is the rightful champion. He then followed this up by asking Drew McIntyre to come to the ring. When he arrived, he told Big E that he’d earned his respect and they shook hands. “BUT”, McIntyre continued, “technically you cashed in on Lashley. And technically Lashley cashed in on me. So now I can challenge you for the WWE Championship.” Before Big E could reply Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode interrupted and Ziggler told Big E and Drew that he wanted a thank you for sending them both “on to stardom.” Big E agreed that they owed them something and that would be an ass-whooping. The end of the match came about when McIntyre hit the Claymore on Ziggler and got the pin, and after after the bell Big E hit the Big Ending on Roode. This was followed by the WWE Champion telling Drew that they would meet one-on-one at Crown Jewel.

Tag Team titles were on the line

Nikki A.S.H. and Rhea Ripley gave Natalya and Tamina a rematch with the belts on the line this week on Raw. After Nikki launched herself to the outside on their opponents, Ripley rolled Tamina back in the ring and hit her with the Riptide. Nikki then tagged in and got on Rhea’s shoulders, and the Nightmare slammed her onto a prone Tamina. The referee counted the 1-2-3 and the champs retained.

Goldberg vs. Lashley announced for Crown Jewel

Goldberg is in no way finished with the former WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley. At SummerSlam Lashley put down Goldberg’s son, Gage, with the Hurt Lock and maintained that it was an accident but Goldberg came to the ring on Raw and said it was intentional. Goldberg then said that he wanted Lashley in the ring so he could break his neck, and while that did bring out Bobby, he didn’t come to fight. He told Goldberg that he wasn’t going to risk his suit by beating him up again but he then went on to say that they would meet at the Crown Jewel PPV under one condition – that it would be a No Holds Barred match. Goldberg thanked the Almighty and went on to say “You’re next, you’re dead.” A sneak attack from Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin followed but Goldberg dispatched both with ease.

Belair beat the Queen

The main event of Raw saw Bianca Belair face off against Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair, although the title wasn’t on the line. Belair kicked out of a Spear at 2, then later on the EST blocked a Figure Four/Eight attempt and rolled Flair up for a two count of her own. Belair then hit the Queen with the Kiss of Death and as the referee was about to count, Becky Lynch pulled Bianca out of the ring and the ref called for the bell, and awarded the EST the DQ win. Lynch then attacked Bianca mercilessly until Sasha Banks made the save and unloaded on Becky. Banks then attacked Belair, beat up Lynch some more, and stood tall as Raw went off the air.